An important paper on climate change, floods and flood resiliency, by FANE Environmental Policy Advisor, Thea Koper.

  Managing Canada’s Floods: Strengthening Canada’s adaptation to climate change by increasing flood resiliency – A Canadian Priorities Agenda – by Thea Koper. This policy agenda was designed by Thea Koper for the MUNK School’s Master of Public Policy Program. The paper justifies three distinct policy options that will increase Canada’s resiliency […]

An update from Ian Goudie on Hydro, ‘Green Energy’ and COP26

Three hundred and forty organizations representing 78 countries petitioned the Parties to the UNFCCC Conference (COP-26) on Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland to finally recognize that hydroelectric power generated by mega-projects is not “green” energy. Yet the petition had no effect, at least this time, aside from bland commitments to […]