The Future of Nature, Gros Morne – Presenters and Support

The Future of Nature is a collaborative effort by over seventy academics, artists, and organizers. Special thanks are due to the President’s Office, MUN, the Vice-President Research, MUN; the Harris Centre, MUN; the Associate Vice President, MUN Grenfell (David Peddle); the Grenfell Office of Engagement (Ken Carter and Marilyn Forward); Gabriela Sabau; Robert Scott; Jose Lamm; Fred Campbell, Ryakuga; Terry Hewlin; Chris Herridge; Ian Goudie; Michelle Mahoney; Peter Wilkins; Xanthe Wilkins; Jessie Downey; Lori Clarke; Gil Shalev; Kyla Bruff; Caroline McGrath; David Maggs; Creative Gros Morne; Gros Morne Summer Music; Neighbourhood Dance; the Department of Economics, MUN; the Department of Philosophy, MUN; and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Who will be there?

Aboriginal leaders, scientists, academics, artists, students, and members of the community will collaborate to stimulate a discussion about the future of nature on the West Coast of Newfoundland. This event is open to the public. Here is a list of the confirmed presenters and organizers:

  • Blair Adams, Department of Natural Resources, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Catharyn Andersen, Special Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs, MUN
  • Manuel Luna Angulo, Dean, National University of Cost Rica
  • Antony Berger, Earth Scientist, Bonne Bay
  • Stephen Blackwood, Philosophy, MUN Grenfell
  • John Bodner, Folklore, MUN Grenfell
  • Rex Brown, The March Hare
  • Kyla Bruff, For a New Earth; Doctoral Candidate, Philosophy, MUN
  • Kelly Ann Butler, Student Affairs Officer (Aboriginal), MUN Grenfell
  • Fred Campbell, Ryakuga Communications
  • Christine Carter, Musician, Dark by Five, Gros Morne Summer Music
  • Ken Carter, Director, Grenfell Office of Engagement
  • Lori Clarke, Choreographer and Performing Artist, St. John’s; Doctoral Candidate, Interdisciplinary, MUN
  • Yvette Coleman, Performing Artist, Toronto
  • Craig Cramm, Philosophy, MUN
  • Marlene Creates, Environmental Artist, Portugal Cove, NL
  • Stephen Crocker, Sociology, MUN
  • Éric Hébert-Daly, Executive Director, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
  • Reade Davis, Anthropology, MUN
  • Diederik van Dijk, Musician, Gros Morne Summer Music
  • Heather Eaton, Conflict Studies, Saint Paul University, Ottawa
  • Paul Fadoul, Performing Artist, Dark by Five, Gros Morne Summer Music
  • Jay Foster, Science and Technology Studies, MUN
  • Eileen Gerrow, Biology Teacher, Jakeman All-Grade, Trout River
  • Will Gill, Visual Artist, St. John’s
  • Ian Goudie, Environmental Scientist, Tree of Life Sustainability Project, Salmonier, NL
  • Peter Gratton, Philosophy, MUN
  • Pam Hall, Visual Artist, St. John’s
  • Brian Henning, Philosophy and Environmental Studies, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
  • Terry Hewlin, Youth Programer
  • Matthew Hollett, Artist in residence, The Rooms, St. John’s
  • Robert Hooper, Marine Biology, MUN
  • Darren Hutchings, Teacher, Templeton Academy, Bay of Islands
  • Elizabeth Janzen, Musician, Dark by Five, Gros Morne Summer Music
  • Mi’Sel Joe, Miawpukek First Nation Chief
  • Philippa Jones, Visual Artist, St. John’s
  • Lynn Kuo, Musician, Toronto
  • Katherine Lockhart, Cultural Coordinator, Creative Gros Morne
  • Mary MacDonald, Independent Curator
  • Joël Madore, Philosophy, MUN
  • David Maggs, Artistic Director, Gros Morne Summer Music; Post-doc researcher, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC
  • Michelle Mahoney, For a New Earth; Doctoral Candidate, Philosophy, MUN
  • Greg Malone, Performing Artist, St. John’s
  • Miriam Martin, Theology, Saint Paul University, Ottawa
  • Caroline McGrath, For a New Earth; CMM Communications
  • Sean McGrath, For a New Earth; Philosophy, MUN
  • Don McKay, Poet and Educator
  • Sarah Messer, MA Candidate, Philosophy, MUN
  • Bill Montevecchi, Psychology, MUN
  • Lisa Moore, English, MUN
  • Pam Morgan, Performing Artist, St. John’s
  • Zanele Myles, Educator, St. John’s
  • Barbara Neis, Sociology, MUN
  • Arnulfo Oxlaj, Mayan Medicine Man, Guatemala
  • Ingrid Mary Percy, Visual Arts, MUN Grenfell
  • Candice Pike, Dancer, Visual Arts, MUN Grenfell
  • Kate Read, Musician, St. John’s
  • Michelle Rebidoux, Religious Studies, MUN
  • John Russon, Philosophy, Guelph
  • Gabriela Sabau, Environmental Policy Institute, MUN Grenfell
  • Gil Shalev, Havura Jewish Community, St. John’s; For a New Earth; Doctoral Candidate, Philosophy, MUN
  • Brian Schroeder, Philosophy, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Robert Scott, Sustainable Resource Management, MUN Grenfell
  • Elizabeth Sikes, Psychotherapy and Philosophy, Seattle University
  • Gordon Slade, Shorefast, Fogo Island
  • Jens Soentgen, Environmental Science, Augsburg, Germany
  • Gerry Squires, Visual Artist, St. John’s
  • Meranda Squires, Yoga Teacher, St. John’s
  • Barry Stevenson, Religious Studies, MUN
  • Sarah Jay Stoker, Dancer, St. John’s
  • Patrick Tomlinson, MA Candidate, Public Administration, Harvard University
  • Peter Trnka, Philosophy, MUN
  • Kelly Vodden, Environmental Policy Institute, MUN Grenfell
  • Peter Wilkins, For a New Earth; Visual Artist, Clarke’s Beach, NL
  • Stefanie Voigt, Interdisciplinary Researcher and Teacher, Augsburg University
  • Uwe Voigt, Philosophy, Augsburg University
  • Jason Wirth, Philosophy, Seattle University

What will happen at The Future of Nature?

Over the course of three days, the Future of Nature will offer a range of activities including keynote speeches, public policy debates, music and dance presentations, art shows, guided hiking tours, and more!

For a detailed itinerary, please see the program schedule.

What’s in it for youth?

A group of eighteen students from schools on the West Coast will attend this event and participate in a three-day program of presentations and activities. Along with aboriginal students from Grenfell Campus, they will represent the voice of young people.

For more information about registering as a student participant, please contact Terry Hewlin.

When is it happening?

The Future of Nature will take place from September 10 to 13, 2015.

Where is it happening?

  • Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, NL
  • Bonne Bay Marine Station, Norris Point, NL
  • Locations in Gros Morne National Park, NL

What do I need to bring?

The Future of Nature is both a conference and an outdoor event. We will not only talk about nature but witness it. If you wish to participate in the outdoor activities associated with the event you will need:

  • a sturdy pair of walking shoes or hiking boots
  • a sweater for when the temperature drops, which it could at any moment
  • a rain coat
  • a day pack
  • a water bottle