MUN Gazette: “The Future of Nature Begins Now” by Sean McGrath

In spite of some promising—although non-binding—commitments from our elected representatives who met in Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, we are miles away from the “ecological conversion” called for by Pope Francis in his extraordinary 2015 encyclical Laudato Si. The problem is no one knows how to get there from here. “Government alone is helpless,” Bruno Latour wrote shortly before the meeting, “it needs all its citizens in this effort.” How do you mobilize the entire human community to change its ways of living?

The Future of Nature, Gros Morne, Promo

The Western Star: Ecological Intervention Explores the Future of Nature “Over three days, the “Future of Nature” will offer a range of activities, including keynote speeches, public policy debates, music and dance presentations, art shows and guided hiking tours. While it brings together aboriginal leaders, scientists, academics, artists and members […]

Professor Graham Parkes

Dr. Sean McGrath in conversation with Professor Graham Parkes on Environmentalism and the Death of Nature 9 December 2014 A native of Glasgow, Graham Parkes taught Asian and comparative philosophy at the University of Hawaii for almost thirty years before moving to University College Cork, in Ireland, in July 2008. […]

Dr. Jens Soentgen

Professor Jens Soentgen on the Anthropocene 29 November 2014 Environmental Science, Augsburg U. Jens Soentgen is trained in both natural scientific and phenomenological methods and now serves as the director of the Wissenschaftszentrums Umwelt at the University of Augsburg []