Conversation with Mina Campbell

In February, 2018, Sean McGrath, Kyla Bruff and I (co-directors of FANE) travelled to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, where we participated in a public symposium on the environmental, social, and culture impacts of the ill-conceived Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric project. Many people took the time to participate in the event, and to […]

Soil Removal at Muskrat

For Immediate Release Tuesday, April 17, 2018 For a New Earth announces its endorsement of soil removal at Muskrat Falls ST. JOHN’S –Local ecological NPO For A New Earth (FANE) hereby announces its public endorsement of the recommendations recently issued by the Independent Expert Advisory Committee (IEAC) for the Muskrat […]

No to Sea Farming Salmon

by Ian Goudie Is this government seriously considering sinking $45 million of taxpayers’ money into a form of aquaculture that is passé? Are we about to put another nail into our economic coffin? What is it about Newfoundland that seems we will sell our soul for a few jobs? It […]

Clear Cutting

FANE Position on Clear-cutting – by Ian Goudie The matter of clear-cutting our forests is an ongoing debate that has advanced with the model of industrial forestry. Industrial forest managers (in NL they are classified as ecosystem managers!!) apply what can be likened to a mode of agriculture. The model […]