Environmental Conservativism: Why We Should Critically Encourage it

– by Sean J. McGrath Environmentalism is now firmly lodged on the left side of the political perspective. Associated with collectivism, the critique of neo-liberal economics and the opposition to free markets, environmentalism for many belongs alongside other signature leftist causes. People forget that environmentalism was originally a conservative policy. The father of modern conservativism, Read more about Environmental Conservativism: Why We Should Critically Encourage it[…]

What’s Next for Muskrat Falls?

March 1st, 7:30 pm Peter Easton Pub 29 Cookstown Road, St. John’s FANE is pleased to present a public talk with David Vardy (Public Policy Consultant) and Labrador Land Protector Jim Learning at the Peter Easton Pub on the future of the beleaguered Muskrat Falls hydro-electrical project on the Churchill River in Labrador. — Podcasts Read more about What’s Next for Muskrat Falls?[…]

Climate Change is Real

Climate Change is Real by Barry Stephenson Any adequate response to climate change must necessarily be rooted in the knowledge that climate change is real. There is much obfuscation and denial in the media, as well our economic and political institutions. These are some basic truths that we need to acknowledge–and come to terms with: Read more about Climate Change is Real[…]

The Religious Dimension of Climate Crisis

The Religious Dimension of Climate Crisis Barry Stephenson Being able to see a situation, as is it, the work of reason, is very hard work. The use of reason is hampered by all sorts of obstacles – personal, social, economic, so on. Some measure of objective realism (seeing the world as it is) is crucial Read more about The Religious Dimension of Climate Crisis[…]