Sean McGrath and Kyla Bruff on VOCM’s Nightline, February 7, 2018

Do We Really Care About Climate Change?
Ship Pub, St. John’s, November 7, 2017

Introduction, by Ethan Lewis

Do We Really Care?, Sean McGrath

Do We Really Care?, Barry Stephenson

Do We Really Care? Kyla Bruff


Sean McGrathDr. Sean McGrath on VOWR

Dr. Sean McGrath discusses The Future of Nature on VOWR (St. John’s, NL), December 2015.

Dr. Sean McGrath on The Future of Nature

The following lecture by Dr. Sean McGrath was held at the University Centre of the West Fjords, Iceland, 18 May 2015.

Dr. Iain Hamilton GrantDr. Iain Hamilton Grant on the Anthropocene

29 November 2014

Dr. Jason WirthProfessor Jason Wirth on the Anthropocene

28 November 2014

Dr. Jens SoentgenProfessor Jens Soentgen on the Anthropocene

29 November 2014

Dr. Graham ParkesDr. Sean McGrath in discussion with Professor Graham Parkes on Environmentalism and the Death of Nature

9 December 2014

Dr. Stefanie Voigt on BACSA Business Aesthetics Academy