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The Western Star: Ecological Intervention Explores the Future of Nature

“Over three days, the “Future of Nature” will offer a range of activities, including keynote speeches, public policy debates, music and dance presentations, art shows and guided hiking tours. While it brings together aboriginal leaders, scientists, academics, artists and members of the community, equally as important is the inclusion of students from western Newfoundland schools.”

Read the full article at The Western Star (originally published July 22, 2015).

VOWR Interview with Sean McGrath

An interview from August 16, 2015.

CBC Interview with Sean McGrath

The following is a July 22, 2015 CBC interview with Sean McGrath discussing The Future of Nature 2015.

MUN Gazette: “The Future of Nature”

“The typical presentation of the environmental crisis in the media creates apathy-inducing despair ― the size of the problem exceeds the capacity of any ordinary human response. The resulting conundrum is a disincentive to small-scale environmental action,” said Dr. McGrath. “If, as many specialists have argued, only a shift in values can save us, reflection and action at the local level has never been more needed.”

A discussion with Sean McGrath by Janet Harron. Read the full article at the MUN Gazette (originally published July 6, 2015).